lazyload is a little bit of JavaScript (826 bytes) that tries to polyfill lazy loading support for <img> elements, <picture> elements, and CSS background images.

If lazy loading is natively supported already, lazyload will know and get out of the way.

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To best demonstrate how images lazy load, they need to be very far away from the bottom-edge of your browser’s viewport, so … start scrolling (please, and thank you).

Oh, also, if you'd like to see them load lazily:

  1. Crack open your browser’s dev tools
  2. Choose the Network tab
  3. (optional, but nice) Filter by Img/Image(s) to see only images
  4. Notice that each image isn’t requested until it’s near the bottom-edge

Demo #1: An <img> element with src and srcset

A pretty marsh
<img data-lazy-src="src-srcset-1024x768.jpg"
     data-lazy-srcset="src-srcset-2048x1536.jpg 2x"
     loading="lazy" alt="A pretty marsh" width="1024" height="768" />

Demo #2: An <img> element with src, srcset, and sizes

A pretty marsh
<img data-lazy-src="src-srcset-sizes-512x384.jpg"
     data-lazy-srcset="src-srcset-sizes-1024x768.jpg 1024w,
                       src-srcset-sizes-1536x1152.jpg 1536w,
                       src-srcset-sizes-2048x1536.jpg 2048w"
     sizes="100vw" loading="lazy" alt="A pretty marsh" />

Demo #3: A <picture> element with src and srcset

A pretty marsh
  <source data-lazy-srcset="picture-1024x768.jpg,
                            picture-2048x1536.jpg 2x"
  <img data-lazy-src="picture-768x576.jpg"
       data-lazy-srcset="picture-1536x1152.jpg 2x"
       loading="lazy" alt="A pretty marsh" />

Demo #4: A CSS background-image

<!-- HTML: -->
<div class="custom-class-here lazy-bg"></div>

/* CSS: */
.lazy-bg {
  background-image: none !important;

Add lazyload to your project

  1. Install it: npm i @theoutfit/lazyload --save
  2. Import it: import lazyload from '@theoutfit/lazyload'
  3. Call it: lazyload()
  4. Adjust your code:
    • change every img element’s src attribute to data-lazy-src
    • change every img element’s srcset attribute to data-lazy-srcset
    • add a loading="lazy" attribute to every img element
    • add a lazy-bg class to every element with a background-image
    • add this rule to your CSS:
      .lazy-bg {
        background-image: none !important;

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